Weekly NewsLetter

Band Family!!

School's Out For Summer! (queue Alice Cooper...)

My apologies for the late newsletter! I have finished putting together the slide shows for your end of year entertainment. I've uploaded the video to the website and you can grab some popcorn and watch it HERE (it's a long one, so pretend you're at the banquet!).

Have a Great Summer and we'll see you all soon!


And now a word from Mr. Dubbs!

Students and Families,

Congratulations on completing another school year! It was a strange ending, but I applaud everyone for your efforts and hard work.

I would like to congratulate our next drum major for the Eldorado Marching Band. Joining Will Bridges and Ruya Nelson will be Jacob Olivas! Congratulations, Jacob!

I am also happy to announce the following awards as we close out the year. We will have awards for these students over the summer. (An announcement will be sent out as well when letters are ready for those who earned a letter or bar in band.

Congratulations to...

Outstanding Freshmen: Sydney Snowden, Ellie Suo-Anttila

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Donovan Peters

John Philip Sousa Award: Aaron Greenwood

I will have some announcements throughout the summer and also offer some Google Meet sessions for marching show music and all state preparation. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL.

Thank you all for your hard work, dedication, and support for the Eldorado Band program!

Mr. Dubbs