Weekly News - August 11, 2019

Happy Sunday Band,

As we start school tomorrow, this, as usual is chock full of very important information from Mr. Dubbs and Me. Let's start with Mr. Dubbs, and I'll see you farther down the page.

And now a word from Mr. Dubbs...

Band Families,

Here we go! I am really looking forward to a terrific school year! I have a lot of information here so take note of everything that applies to your child.


YES, there is zero hour....and every day this week. Pit students will be in the band room (unloading the truck first) and all other students will be on the field.

There is an assembly on Monday. Although the band plays at most assemblies and has a certain spot to sit in the gym, we will NOT be performing at this one. More details will be available when students arrive Monday.

There will be NO WOODWIND and BRASS SECTIONALS AFTER SCHOOL THIS MONDAY. Those will start next week.


We WILL have marching band practice after school from 3:00 - 5:30 pm. Pit students will be inside for this rehearsal. Other students - bring a water bottle, tennis shoes, clothing appropriate for outdoor rehearsal (shorts to change in to if needed), hat, and sunscreen.

*Mr. Claspell will be handing out the new marching show t-shirt and marching shoes (for those who ordered them).

Booster parent meeting at 6:30 pm in the band room.


Drumline and Pit practice from 5 pm to 7 pm. Be ready to start at 5 pm. This will take place in the music building.

General Reminders:

*Get connected to the google calendar!!! Make sure you are getting all band email messages too.

*Band lockers: Students must have a combination lock for their instrument. They need to see Savannah (trombone player) to get a locker checked out. Instruments are not to be left out in the band room without being a locked in a locker.

*Flip folders- Make sure ALL music AND coordinate sheets are in your flip folder! You cannot participate if you do not have your coordinate sheet and music. Your flip folder MUST have a shoelace or string around it and your name on it somewhere.

*Coordinate sheets- DON'T FORGET, coordinate sheets are on the band website now ( If you misplace yours, you may print off one at home. You MUST have this every day to participate. These will be checked for a grade.

*Class fee- The band class fee ($60 - checks made to Eldorado High School) must be turned in to Mr. Dubbs this week. Please let me know if you have questions (

*Booster fees- If you are not receiving info through the band CHARMS account, please let our treasurer know immediately. Mr. Griswold's email is

*All forms on the band website must be turned in this week!

*All students will need the Foundations for Superior Performance book for their instrument. First period Concert band students will need this right away. Others can wait until mid October to get it. You may purchase this book at Baum’s Music.

*Students who are involved in sports need to remember to communicate our schedule with their coach and vice versa.

IMPORTANT...Students, remember to:

-Do well in school every day! Homework turned in, get help when needed, etc. Everyone in our program is important!

-Do not make poor choices that will affect you and our group!

-Stay organized and keep track of everything you need to do!

Best of luck to all of our students this year!

Mr. Dubbs

But Wait! There's More...

Welcome Back,

So, here's a fun fact about football games. We have football games on the Saturday during Labor Day Weekend, and the Friday during Fall Break. Plan those weekends around Band!

Next up, we sent out an email on the Flea Market coming up in just 2 weeks! We need Lots of Volunteers to Sign Up to help. Also, spread the word to family and neighbors, we'll need lots of donations to sell! We'll send more info again this week on the event.

Uniform Crew Assemble!! - Mr. Claspell needs 6 Volunteers this week to help distribute the Show Shirts to the students. If you have time, please Sign Up Here.

Here's the Recap:

  • Back To School - Zero Hour All Week
  • Mr. Claspell Needs HELP
  • Booster Meeting - Tuesday 6:30
  • Football Game During Labor Day Weekend
  • Flea Market is coming fast!

Questions, Concerns? Send Us An Email.

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Here's to a great year!

JP Bowdoin


Eldorado Band Boosters


Weekly News - August 4, 2019

Band Families!

Many Thanks to your hardworking Board and parent volunteers for making Band Camp a Success!! Well Done Everyone!

I have one minor event to share this week for you. Fathom Events is hosting "DCI - Big, Loud & Live" this Thursday at the Regal Winrock and Century Rio 24 Theaters. Here's a Trailer.

And now...

An Important Note From Mr. Dubbs:

Band Families,

Congratulations to our students for completing a very successful and productive marching band camp! We are very proud of the work our students accomplished so far and believe this will be a terrific marching season. They received a lot of information in a very short period of time. Again, band camp is the most intense part of the year and our students did an outstanding job. We appreciate our students' dedication and commitment to this program.

Thank you again to all of our parent volunteers for your assistance during camp and in the coming weeks and months. You are truly appreciated.

Looking Ahead:

Soar Day is Wednesday, Aug. 7. This is a chance for freshmen students to learn about the school, where all classes are, and what is expected at EHS. They will be given a tour by student senators and receive information from our administrative team.

The marching band, for the exception of the PIT section, will need to Report to the band room no later than 7:00 am on Wednesday morning. ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR THEIR NEW WHITE PEP BAND SHIRT, SHORTS, AND TENNIS SHOES. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PERFORM IF THEY ARE NOT IN THIS ATTIRE.

We will be perform pep tunes in the gym while students are entering. At approximately, 7:40am, we will head back to the band room to put instruments away. Freshmen may then go back to the gym to continue the rest of Soar Day and sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be dismissed.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: We WILL have zero hour on the first day. Pit students will report in the band room and the rest of the group will meet on the field. Students must be ready to begin rehearsal at 6:28am. Make sure you leave ample time to get your instrument/equipment and get to the field on time so you are not tardy.

*There will be NO woodwind / brass sectionals after school on the first day of school! We will begin those on August 19.

Important Reminders:

Registration: ALL students must have zero hour (marching / wind) on their schedule. This is marching band.

FRESHMEN must also have 1st period Concert Band. This is required for freshmen.

JAZZ BAND STUDENTS....please make sure your schedules are accurate. Some of the titles of the classes may throw folks off a little. Jazz 1 is called Advanced Jazz Band and Jazz 2 and 3 are called Jazz Band.

Students that were placed in JAZZ 2, should be in second period.

Students that were placed in JAZZ 1, should be in third period.

Students that were placed in JAZZ 3, should be in fourth period.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Please note on the Google Calendar that there 2 NEW CONCERT DATES POSTED. October 9 will be a Jazz Band / Concert Band concert at 6:30pm in the PAC. December 2 will be a special fundraiser concert featuring Screamin' Eagles (Jazz 1) and the Albuquerque Jazz Orchestra at 6:30pm in the PAC. More details will be out soon about this AWESOME performance.

March-a-thon / Flea Market on August 24: Please save items you may have around the house that you would like to donate to our flea market on this day. This is BIG fundraiser for us!

Please let me know if you have questions about your schedule or need assistance with anything. It will be a great school year and I look forward to seeing everyone at Soar Day and on the first day of school.

Mr. Dubbs

Nothing left but a quick recap:

  • Soar Day! Report 7 am, NEW Pep Band Shirts - NOT the old one...
  • Did you miss the meeting on Saturday? We need your forms and activity fee for your student to participate. Reach out to us.
  • Update Charms if you haven’t already.

Questions, Concerns? Send Us An Email.

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Go Eagles!

JP Bowdoin


Eldorado Band Boosters


Weekly News - July 28, 2019

Hello Band Family!

Band Camp is in Full Swing and our Eagles are doing a GREAT JOB this year! If you've heard your student say "I'm sore" as you pour them into bed each night, That means the hard work is paying off!

Keep reading, and I'll see you farther down the page. First up...

An Important Read From Mr. Dubbs:

Parents and Students,

We had a great first week of band camp! Many thanks to the following...

-The STUDENTS! We learned a lot of material in a short period of time. Our new students did an outstanding job and we are very proud of you! Thank you to our upperclassmen and especially our leaders who are guiding these students and showing them what we do and how we do it.

Thank you as well for your COMMITMENT! Some students have left the program or recently moved, which has made it difficult to get all spots on the field covered. Your commitment and willingness to fill spots helps us greatly.

-Parent volunteers. We have had many parents assisting with uniforms, props, equipment repair, money/form collecting, chaperoning social events, etc. You are all amazing and we appreciate everything you have done so far!

-Staff. Our marching staff is terrific! We appreciate their continued help sharing their knowledge of marching and playing with our students. The staff agrees that this is going to be an amazing year!

This week...

We will continue to work on learning our drill for the marching show in the mornings and working on music in the afternoons. We know of a few students who are gone from rehearsals here and there for athletic events or appointments. I appreciate the continued communication when conflicts arise.

Please notice the change on the google calendar for Wednesday. STUDENTS WILL HAVE THE AFTERNOON OFF THAT DAY!!!


*Please get connected to the google calendar which is on the band website ( There may be slight changes that are made from time to time and being connected to that will ensure that everyone gets all the information they need.

*Flip folders and music- Woodwind and Brass students should have their flip folders with all music each day, labeled with their name, and have a string or shoelace attached so they can have easy access to that on the field. Drumline and pit need a notebook as well so they can access their music each day too. Color guard needs to have their coordinate books accessible as well. (They should know how to set this up from their captains.)

*Band lockers- Students must have a combination lock (key locks are not accepted) to get a band locker checked out to them. We have a student (Savannah Phelps) that is in charge of checking those out to everyone. No food or drink is to be left in lockers. More information about band lockers will be out next week.

*Please make sure you have all needed equipment for instruments (reeds, valve oil, slide grease, NAME TAG FOR INSTRUMENT CASE, and a PENCIL to mark music. Students must have these things every day. During camp, it may be a good idea to bring a towel, big enough for your instrument to lay on, while we are learning drill outside.

*COORDINATE SHEETS. Students have received coordinate sheets for their marching spot. They must have these every day. Section leaders will remind them of how to keep this in their flip folders/notebooks. You can find these on the Marching Season Docs page on the website. If a student misplaces theirs, they must print their coordinate sheet off at home. If they do not have that, they cannot participate.

*Finally, don't forget to bring your sunscreen, water bottle, hat, sunglasses, and wear athletic shoes each day!

Please make every effort to attend section parties tomorrow evening. They will be a lot of fun. Let's have a great second week of band camp! I look forward to seeing you Saturday morning at our parent meeting / performance!

Mr. Dubbs

Welcome Back! Here's what the week looks like:

Social Events for our Band this week:

  • Monday - Section Parties - For our new parents, these are hosted typically at one of the section leaders homes. Parents will be there chaperoning, and they won't be late, but it is a great chance for our sections to spend some much needed down time together.
  • Tuesday - Outdoor Movie Night - Claspell's House 7:00 PM - Bring something to sit on (blankets, camp chairs, etc.), snacks and come join your fellow band mates for a movie on the lawn. The Claspell's will be providing drinks.
  • Wednesday - Bring a Board Game - Eldorado Courtyard - 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Thursday - Games in the Park - Oso Grande Park- 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Friday - The Boosters are providing lunch for the Band

***Parents, We do need some Chaperone Help this week for these events. Come join us if you're able to help out: Outdoor Movie Night Games in the Park Game Night

Which takes us to...

  • SATURDAY - Parent Meeting and Marching Show Presentation 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • 8:30 - 9:00 AM - Bring your forms and Pay your fees - PAC
    • 9:00 AM - Parent/Guardian Meeting will start - We need 100% Attendance at this meeting to kick off the year successfully.
    • 10:00 AM - We'll walk to the marching field to watch the Band Perform!

Don't forget to Subscribe to the Band Calendar.

So, to RECAP:

  • Did you catch all of Mr. Dubb's instruction above?
  • Water! Food! Sleep!
  • Boosters are buying lunch on Friday.
  • Saturday - Parent Meeting and Marching Show
  • Sign up to Volunteer for Band Camp
  • Update Charms if you haven’t already.

Questions, Concerns? Send Us An Email.

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Last Week of Band Camp Eagles, Finish Strong!

JP Bowdoin


Eldorado Band Boosters


Weekly News - July 21, 2019

Hello Band Family!

BAND CAMP IS HERE! That means this week's newsletter is EVEN LONGER! Seriously, these get shorter as we go along, but I do need your attention for the next few minutes as we have a ton of ground to cover as we start the week. Please Read This Entire Message!

In this newsletter, you’ll be hearing from Mr. Dubbs first, then Mrs. Allen your Board Secretary, then I’ll see you down at the bottom for some final details you’ll need to know this week.

First up, Mr. Dubbs…..

Band Families,

I hope everyone had a terrific summer! I would like to welcome our new members and families to the Eldorado Band Program! Welcome back to our returning members and their families too!

I am very excited about our band camp the next two weeks and our upcoming school year as well. This is going to be a terrific year. Our freshmen class is very large and I know our returning class is going to be great leaders for these students.

Mr. Snowden and I have spent many hours planning for this year. It is always a lot of fun and quite a challenge to prepare prepare a marching production, plan and program music for concerts, coordinate plans for festivals and other events, all while ensuring that students are succeeding at the highest level possible in and outside of band. We also have an excellent staff assembled to help teach our students. We look forward to having them work with our students.

I would like to thank our booster board for all of the work they have done so far to prepare for this year as well. In addition to the support of our terrific Eldorado administration, we could not do what we need to do without our booster board and all of the parent support we have. They have spent many hours of planning, preparing marching props, and taking care of other tasks behind the scenes. Please make sure you are connected with them via emails and texts.

Before we begin camp, students should keep in mind the following:

-Have a positive attitude! We will be learning a lot of new material and some of it will take some time. With a good attitude, we will have a great year!

-Get rest, eat a good breakfast each day, and DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! Don't forget to bring a large water bottle to camp each day.

-In addition to a water bottle, please remember the following:

a hat, sunscreen, clothing appropriate for outdoor activity (no jeans or pants),

TENNIS SHOES (Students will not be allowed to march in sandals, flip flops, shoes without laces or high top sneakers.)

-All students must have their instrument, accessories (valve oil, reeds, mouthpieces, swabs, etc.) every day!!!!! In addition, students need to have a PENCIL each day. We will be marking notes in our music and drill charts each day.

-Woodwind and brass students will be getting flip folders this week. All music given to them this week will need to be put in these. Section leaders will assist with this.

-If there are students that have an appointment or are missing any part of camp, they must notify me immediately of this. We will do our best to help students get caught up with material missed but don't want anyone to fall too far behind.


Throughout the year, we will be stressing the importance of individual accountability and responsibility. Everyone is important in our team. If one person is absent from an event, makes poor choices in or outside of school, or is not taking care of work in the classroom, it will affect everyone. When students in marching band or color guard are gone, pieces of our puzzle will be missing. Students gone from music rehearsal or concerts affect the overall sound of our group. Making good decisions throughout the year will help ensure our success.

Having said that, we are very happy that many students participate in multiple activities. If you are one of those students, please stay organized, communicate with all instructors/coaches involved, and put 100% effort in each activity.

Regarding band fees (both booster and class fees):

$60 class fee should be brought to me as soon as possible. Checks are made out to ELDORADO HIGH SCHOOL.

Booster fees may be made through your child's Charms account. Please communicate with our booster treasurer, David Griswold, if you need to make alternate arrangements for payments. In particular, if your child is going on the spring trip (San Diego!!), we MUST stay on top of those payments throughout the year, as we will be making arrangements with buses, hotels, etc. in the coming months. (Most students go on this trip and we would love to see a lot of participation again this year!)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email. It is going to be a great year and I look forward to seeing what this group can accomplish! See you all at the band picnic tomorrow evening.

Mr. Dubbs

Still There? Keep going with an important announcement from Mrs. Allen...

Good afternoon Band Family!

If you are like me, Band Camp has come up on us way too fast. In fact, our band picnic is tomorrow night! Attached is our signature page and forms packet. We need you to print it, fill it out and turn it in at the picnic. We will have tables set up in alphabet groups, so turn in will be quick as possible.

Here’s what is in the forms package:

  • Signature page – acknowledging reading the handbook (print or online) and understanding the expectations of the band program. BOTH student and parent must sign!
  • Golden Band Booster Membership Form
  • APS permission and medical forms. Must be filled out.
  • APS PE Waiver Form (Band Students can be waived out of the PE requirement with this form)

We will have copes at the picnic, in case you are unable to print them out.

See you tomorrow night!


Booster Secretary


You Made it! So, here’s a few more important notes to get the week started right.

Families, make sure your student is well fed, well rested and well hydrated over the next two weeks. Food, Water, Rest, and some love and encouragement sprinkled is the best way to support your band student. This next two weeks is very fun, and very demanding!

**A note for Freshmen and new Marchers - Bring Lunch Tomorrow Please

Please go to the website and review the Band Camp calendar so you’re aware of what’s happening and when.

Here’s the social event line up this week.

Band Family Potluck Picnic - TOMORROW, July 22nd - 6PM in the Eldorado Courtyard!

Freshmen bring a salad or side dish.

Sophomores and Juniors bring a main dish

Seniors bring individually packaged cold drinks

Everyone, please bring your own plates and utensils.

Bowling Night - Silva Lanes - Thursday, July 25th - 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Students should bring $5 for bowling. We'll be finishing no later than 9pm so students can get some rest. Parents, please be on time to pick up your students!

Baseball Night at Isotopes Park - Friday, July 26th

Click Here to RSVP as we only have 39 tickets left!

More info on this event for those going later this week.

Don't forget to Subscribe to the Band Calendar.

So, to RECAP:

  • Water is your friend! Seriously, go drink some Now!
  • Freshmen, bring lunch tomorrow.
  • Parents, families, students, - Band Camp Picnic Tomorrow Night.
  • Sign up to Volunteer for Band Camp
  • Update Charms if you haven’t already.

Questions, Concerns? Send Us An Email.

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Have a GREAT Band Camp Eagles!

JP Bowdoin


Eldorado Band Boosters


Weekly News - July 14, 2019

Hello Band!

**This is a long one, with a lot of important info, so please read the entire newsletter! They get shorter after Band Camp, I promise!

We had a great turnout yesterday at our marching field clean up event! Good to see everyone, new families and returning. It was a great start to the season! Thanks to all who helped out!

First, let's talk about our Volunteer needs in the next few weeks. We have committees that need YOUR help during Band Camp.

  • Uniform Fitting is a biggie in the spotlight and needs the most help. With 180 students to fit for uniforms, we need 8 volunteers each day around the lunch hour. Click HERE to sign up!
  • Band Camp Social Events need chaperones for a variety of events. Go visit the Volunteers Page to sign up to help.

Next Up for our new families, you received an email from our Board Secretary with instructions on accessing Charms, our payment and communication portal. If you haven't gotten in yet, please do so today. Take a few minutes and update the really important fields: Student Email, and Cell Phone, Parent Email and Cell Phone, and if you want to add other adults that need to be kept in the loop, please do. Reach out if you need help.

With everyone now in Charms, a heads up that the first Band Statement will be going out later today in email. Refer to the FAQ page and the Student Account Policy page for details - All your questions are there.

Last topic this week on Band Camp. Our Section Leaders have training this coming Thursday and Friday. Then next week, we kick off Band Camp officially with our Freshmen on Monday July 22nd.

We also have our first family social event. Plan to join us for a short evening dinner to get to know our Band Community:

Band Family Potluck Picnic - Next Monday, July 22nd - 6PM in the Eldorado Courtyard!

Freshmen bring a salad or side dish.

Sophomores and Juniors bring a main dish

Seniors bring individually packaged cold drinks

Everyone, please bring your own plates and utensils.

Don't forget to check the Band Camp Schedule and Subscribe to the Band Calendar.

So, to RECAP:

Questions, Concerns? Send Us An Email.

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More To Come and GO EAGLES!


Weekly News - July 7th, 2019


July is here, which means BAND CAMP is right around the corner! As we look forward to the coming events in the next few weeks, I wanted to reach out and share some information with you all to get you prepared for an amazing year of Band with our Eagles!

First up, our new website. We are very excited about the redesign. You'll find that your Board are all big fans of getting to the point! So, to that point, everything you need, any questions you have, dates, forms, and the ever popular Handbook can all be found at www.Eldorado.Band . We will keep that site active throughout the year and I want to encourage all of you to take a look around.

Next, let's talk about Charms. Especially for our new families, is our home for our student and family contact information, communications with all of you and the best part, billing! (yeah, billing isn't that exciting but it helps keep your student in Band and your Board Treasurer Happy!) There are links into Charms Office from the website. For our Freshmen and Transfer families just joining us we will send out a separate email to you with instructions on accessing the Charms site. One last note on Charms, it is Open for payment today! We wanted to give everyone as much time as possible. Don't worry if now's not the time, we will discuss this at great length during Band Camp.

Which is a nice segway to my last point for now, BAND CAMP! Take a look at the Band Camp Schedule on the website. Print that out and throw it up on the fridge. We start next weekend on Saturday, July 13th at the Marching Field for our annual Marching Field Clean up. It's about 90 minutes of clean up to get the season started on a positive now. Come meet the other students and families!

This is a first email All. Don't worry, there's alot more to come. I'll be sending regular emails each Sunday afternoon to help keep us all focused on what's to come. For now, plan on being at the marching field this coming Saturday, July 13th at 7AM at the Eldorado Band Marching Field.

So, to RECAP:

  • Go visit the new website at
  • Go visit - **For our Freshmen Parents, Instructions Coming Soon.
  • Saturday, July 13th (NEXT WEEK) - Marching Field Clean Up and Meet the Band Family

More To Come and GO EAGLES!


Weekly News - May 19th, 2019

Band Families,

Your Booster Board met yesterday for our annual planning meeting and we've got a Great Year planned for all of you this coming Fall!

This will be our last weekly newsletter before summer break, but keep an eye out as I'll be sending you more important information in the next couple of weeks about the upcoming changes and summer events.

More to come soon,


Here's Mr. Dubbs,


Parents and Students,

Finals week! Here we go! Woodwind and brass students can pick up their marching band show music any day this week. If they misplace it before band camp, they will need to pay a dollar to replace it.


Zero hour final at 6:28am. Last one for the year!

School instrument turn in and check out (if needed). Must be cleaned and repaired (if needed).

Pep band music turn in. Students are responsible for making copies if needed if anything is missing.

School schedule for Monday is all classes in the morning and then first period final after lunch.


Final exams for periods 2, 4, and 6


Final exams for periods 3, 5, and 7


Make up finals

Please remember that eligibility this semester (end of this week) will impact the fall semester. Students may start the marching season as an alternate.

The new band website will be up and running soon. It will have the new calendar on it for next year. There is a hard copy that is posted outside the band room too.

We will send out emails as band camp approaches in July. Don’t forget:

June 10-13 is the color guard camp

July 13- Field clean up


July 18-19 - section leaders and drum majors

July 22-freshmen, section leaders, and drum majors

July 23-26 and July 29-Aug 3 (all members)

Here is the percussion schedule for the summer-

June 5 5-7(tentative time change)

June 12 5-7

June 19 5-7

June 26 5-7

July 3 5-7

July 10 5-7

July 17 no rehearsal

No Wednesday nights during band camp

August 7 5-7

Thank you for a great school year! Have a restful summer.....and keep practicing!!!

Mr. Dubbs