Fresh Country Sale Information

Fruit!! Dessert!! Meats!! Cheese!!

All in Time for the holidays!

Sale runs October 6th - November 15th, 2019


This is a great opportunity for the band to bring in a great profit! Sell, Sell, Sell!!

  • Collect cash or check (made out to Eldorado Band Boosters) for the sale
  • If you would like use the ifreshcountry app to collect sales, and charge a credit card:
    • download the app from the appropriate app store
    • Complete student registration on the app
    • Eldorado Band Booster Fresh Country Code - EBB1833 (please note there was a typo on the letter, this is the correct code)
    • The app is straight forward. You can track all of your orders in this (and only hand in the cash/checks at the end of the sale), or you can simply use it for your credit card transactions.
    • Visit for tutorial videos