Jazz All State

Jazz All State Information/Suggestions

Here is the link for all of the jazz all state information: https://www.nmmea.com/all-state/jazz-all-state-information/jazz-all-state-audition-information/

TIPS FOR STUDENTS Chromatic Scale (wind instruments): WORK ON THIS! Keep it steady, play up and down, breathe when needed. All notes should have a relaxed and clear sound.

Etudes: There is no ballad etude this year. Note the videos that I made performing these etudes

**Note the links below open videos. **Do not login with your APS login.

Swing etude:

Take note where phrases are slurred and where they are articulated. Make the etude as smooth and connected as possible.

DRUMS....Play figures (kicks) pretty light for the first 2/3 of the etude. Switch cymbals at m. 17 and then again at m. 25. Also at m. 17, add a cross stick on beat 4 for a few bars.

BASS...Keep all quarter notes long and connected. PLAY IN TUNE!

PIANO/GUITAR...I will try to find a good resource for playing sophisticated voicings. Don’t feel like you have to play every measure. You may be able to find some online as well.

START SLOW AND WORK UP FASTER!!!!!! Don’t play part of the etude slow and the parts you know faster. Keep it steady at whatever tempo

Keep it consistent and use a metronome.

If brass players have issues with range (especially trumpets), take a phrase or part of a phrase down the octave. There is also a “non-lead” trumpet part posted that has some lower notes.

Funk etude: Take it slow...especially the crazy lick (mostly for trumpets and saxophones). Figure out where to tongue and where to slur to make it sound as smooth and connected as possible. After you practice this for a bit, let me know if you are still having issues with it.

Do not tongue everything in the etude. It needs to sound smooth.

SUBDIVIDE!!!!! You have to subdivide sixteenths (mostly) throughout the entire etude. Change the subdivision in your head when needed if another type of rhythm besides sixteenths is coming up.

Improvisation: St. Louis Blues is the name of the tune for the improvisation.

All students will do this without music. The melody will not take long to memorize.

Piano/guitar will need to comp and improvise to this tune. Instructions are in the link above. Bass players need to walk a line as well for this tune.

Drums will also need to improvise with the recording. I would suggest practicing this while trying to play part of the melodic rhythms on the drums.

*I will post chord sheets for the tune as well.