Are you proactive and positive? Can you exhibit a balance of patience and authority and are you enthusiastic about the EHS Band Program and the students who participate in it? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you’re a great candidate to be a chaperone!

Chaperoning is a fun and rewarding way for you to be involved in supporting the EHS Band Program. Chaperones are needed for all organized activities that students participate in, including football games, competitions, fall and spring trips, and graduation. They provide adult supervision and help carry out the details that make trips and competitions run smoothly. They work in partnership with the Directors and APS staff and are expected to follow the same rules that students are required to follow according to APS guidelines and Band Directors’ expectations.

Chaperone responsibilities may include staying with a sick student, running errands, helping with instruments and uniforms, serving dinner or any other necessary task that keeps the band focused on its performance or practice.


The Band Booster Vice President serves as the Chaperone Chairperson and will coordinate rosters, schedules and expectations for chaperones. Most of the chaperone opportunities will be published in the weekly band email that is sent on Sunday evening. Chaperone rosters are managed through Signup Genius, an online signup system.

It’s important that chaperones for any overnight/out-of-town trips know the band students and understand the work required. Additionally, chaperones will know and support the expectations of the EHS band program and enforce published APS behavior and discipline standards. Only experienced chaperones will be selected for any overnight/out-of-town trips. If you would like to chaperone for overnight/out-of-town trips, please get involved in chaperoning early in the year.

As a chaperone, you will be asked to be a role model and set expectations for students. Please note the following items. Contact the Vice President or Head Chaperone if you have questions.

  • Follow the direction of the Head Chaperone for the event.

  • Be aware that you are volunteering as a representative of the Eldorado Band Program and APS. Use discretion and sensitivity with respect to students’ privacy and safety. Disciplinary conversation should be conducted with respect, and all discipline matters should be brought to the attention of the Band Directors. The laws and rules of APS regarding discipline as well as the rules of this handbook will be strictly enforced.

  • Report 15 minutes prior to the Band’s report time and check in with the Head Chaperone for the event.

  • After receiving your bus assignment, pick up the bus backpack and bus sign. The bus backpack should stay with you at the event. The bus sign stays in the front window of the bus so that it can be easily identified by students and chaperones.

  • Introduce yourself to the bus driver and oversee the loading process of large instruments, uniforms, snacks, and coolers.

  • Assist with uniform check as requested by the Uniform Chair.

  • Ride the bus to and from the event, maintaining order and making announcements as requested by the Head Chaperone.


  • Accompany the band to the bleachers.

  • Spread out on either side of the band but not across the front of the band.

  • While in the stands:

  • Maintain order. Escalate any issues to the Vice President, Head Chaperone or Band Directors

  • Ensure only band students sit in the band section of the bleachers

  • Assist with refilling water bottles

  • Stand and clap during the school song

  • Stay with instruments during breaks

  • Assist band students as needed

  • Clap and cheer during performances

  • Check the buses for lost items or trash at the end of the evening

  • Inform the Vice President if bus bag supplies need replenishing


  • Remind students to sit in their assigned seat until the buses are out of town

  • Before releasing students from the bus, remind them of their bus number and check to see that the Eldorado Band bus number placards are in place at the front of the bus

  • Keep bus backpack with you throughout the day

  • Actively monitor students while on the bus

  • Coordinate with Student Bus Captains to make sure announcements are made, bus is kept clean, and the bus driver’s tip is collected

  • Remind students to refrain from leaning over the backs of the seats, sitting on armrest, or sitting backwards in the seats

  • Monitor personal electronic devices used - only headphones are allowed; no music through speakers

  • Show chaperone and APS approved movies (PG-13 or lower rating)


When in a restaurant:

  • Remind students, to be respectful of other restaurant patrons

  • Prompt students to clean up after themselves

  • Assist students in proper tipping procedures

When in a hotel:

  • Complete room checks in two-person chaperone teams, assigned by the Head Chaperone

  • Check rooms for damage upon arrival and departure

  • Walk hallways and/or hotel perimeter as directed by Head Chaperone

  • Be available and visible to students during free time

  • Report questionable behavior to the Head Chaperone or Directors

  • Ensure students who are assigned to you are awake and ready to leave on time

When at a competition:

  • Encourage students to do their best

  • Carry your assigned bus backpack with you always

  • Help Uniform Chair with uniform/shoe checks immediately before students go onto the marching field to compete.

  • Check to see that all students are in complete band uniform

  • Pin hair and spray loose hair

  • Help adjust pant lengths

  • Check for surface dirt on uniforms

  • Help with hat plumes

  • Maintain silence in line

  • Provide water as needed and remind students to stay hydrated

  • When observing other bands, make sure students stay seated together in a group, clap when appropriate and remain quiet during other performances