Weekly Newsletter - May 29th, 2022

Summer is here. Finally, right? Well, this will be the last weekly newsletter for this school year. We will have some sporadic communications throughout the summer, especially as we get closer to Band Camp in July. Even though the school year is done, I have some closing things for you all to keep in mind over the summer.

Chipotle Restaurant Night

We have a summer-time restaurant night fundraiser with Chipotle. Its going to be on Tuesday, June 14th, from 4PM - 8PM. The band program gets 33% of the sales from this, so be sure not to miss this one. For the details and the flyer download, see the Restaurant Nights page.


If you provided your name to Anne and Robby to initiate the unsupervised volunteer clearance process, we will be getting in touch this summer to provide you with details on how to complete that process. As soon as we know something, we'll pass that info on. And a thank you to those that are completing this process early - it will give us a good base of chaperones to begin the next season.


The band calendar has been updated with all the information we have today. The best option is to add that calendar to your own Google calendar so you will always have the latest information available. But it is also available on the Calendar page.

Cage Cleanup

We will be doing a thorough cleaning of the cage and storage area this summer. There is a couple years of buildup that needs to be cleaned up, as well as some rearranging of some of the items stored in there. We will be doing this on June 25th, at 9 AM. If you can spare a couple hours during that day, we'd love to have the help. Also, if you have an A-frame ladder and can bring it, that would be helpful as well, as we will be cleaning up all of the top shelves of the lockers.

Speaking of the storage room, our band refrigerator has seen better days... If you have a refrigerator that you are looking to get rid of, that is relatively clean and in usable condition, we'd love to take that off your hands so we can replace our old, dirty one that is on its last legs. You can email me at if this is something you'd like to help us out with.

Flea Market

A heads up that our annual flea market will be on August 27th. Start saving your gently loved items now for us to sell during that event. Its an excellent fundraiser for our band, and the more stuff we have, the better we do!

Band Picnic

There will be a band picnic on the first Thursday evening of band camp, July 21st. We'll be getting together as a community to hang out at El Oso Grande park. More details to come on this, but wanted to get it on your calendar.

Corporate Sponsorships

We are going to start utilizing corporate sponsorships this coming year from our community businesses. Be on the lookout for details on this sometime in June, but until then, be thinking of businesses you could be asking to sponsor our band for next year. The more sponsors we are able to get, the lower the band fees will be next year.

Student Accounts

If you still have a balance on your student accounts, please work to pay this down. Any outstanding balance will be rolled over to next year, so double check that you do not owe any fees due on the account. You can see your student account in Charms. Let me know if you have any issues getting in to Charms.

Go Eagles!


And now a word from Mr. Dubbs...

Congratulations on completing another school year!

Student leaders will be getting a list this week with members in their sections, contact information, and instructions on when to reach out to everyone.

If you are taking summer classes, do well! We want everyone to contribute and participate this fall.

Percussion practice reminders will be sent out from Ryan soon. The next meeting is June 22.

Have a safe and restful summer everyone!


Mr. Dubbs