Bands representing the best musicians in the state.  Participants are chosen by individual try-outs, which are typically held in October/November.  Students are responsible for their own transportation to the tryouts.  The music is usually available in the summer from Baum’s and will be posted outside the band room during the first weeks of school.  Audition music is also distributed at band camp.  All-State music is usually also the basis for the Concert Season chair placement auditions, which are held at the conclusion of Marching Season.  Students need to listen for details from the Directors for these auditions.  For audition information and selections refer to


A non competitive marching performance evaluation/assessment event hosted at Milne Stadium by the New Mexico Music Educators Association District VII where high school bands from all over the area perform and receive ratings of Superior, Excellent, Good, Poor, or Unprepared by a panel of adjudicators.  Bands will also receive a brief clinic by one of the evaluating adjudicators.


Individual performances to determine band and chair placement.  Held after Marching Season.  Typically, All-State music and scales are the basis of the auditions.


An afternoon semi-formal event near the end of the school year that is held to recognize the accomplishments of the band and individual students.  This typically includes a lunch, a media presentation summarizing the year, serious and humorous awards, the announcement of the Marching Show, and new drum majors for the upcoming season. (if possible)


Parent organization that supports the band by volunteering and supplementing the limited APS funding.  The quality of the band and the amount of activities the students can be involved with are dependent on strong booster support.


A period of time in late July or early August where band students report for all day rehearsals that provide an opportunity for intensive learning and practicing of the marching show and team building for new and returning band members, it begins roughly two weeks before school starts.  Practices are typically at the EHS Practice field in the mornings and musical rehearsals inside in the afternoons.  Social activities for the entire band or for sections are typically held most evenings after band camp.


A quick reference that includes pertinent information all band members and parents need to know about EHS band including an extensive calendar, student information, parent information, rules and guidelines.  This website serves as the delivery mechanism for this important information.


Casual kick-off and year-end events for the band year.  Usually includes a potluck at a local park for all band members, parents and siblings.


Musicians from around the city who participate on a part-time basis with the band all year long. There are 5 to 10 different additional professionals who help the EHS band achieve the highest levels of quality in marching and performance by running sectionals and working with specific marching groups.


The Band Store is the central location to pay for any band-related costs.  It provides a way to buy spiritwear, donate to the band program, purchase fundraising-related items, and pay band fees.


The monthly meeting of the Band Boosters.  They are typically held the second Wednesday of the month in the band or orchestra room and are open to all parents.


Our booster club’s web-based student management system.  This system is used across the country by bands to coordinate all financial, fundraising, and trip expenses as well as acting as a portal to a wealth of other band information.  The Eldorado band program primarily uses it for contact information management and communication.

School code for logging in: eldoradoboosters


The cash register receipt from the cleaners showing that the student's uniform has been cleaned.  Students and parents are responsible to have the uniforms cleaned according to the schedule in the band calendar.  These receipts are turned in at regular intervals and before major competitions.  Those who do not turn in receipts at publicized intervals are fined $25.00 per missing receipt.  The cleaning receipt must have the student’s name on it.


The group of students who provide a visual interpretation of the marching music with dynamic choreography using flags, rifles, sabers and other props.  These students do not play instruments but are a critical part of the overall quality of the show.


Newest member to the APS Athletics family of District Facilities.  Located at I-40 & 98th St., with a physical address of 1601 Arroyo Vista Blvd. NW.  APS Football games noted at Community Stadium will be held at this location.


Events where the band and color guard compete against other schools.  There are two marching competitions that our band will participate in: Pageant of Bands at Wilson Stadium and Zia Marching Festival at UNM’s University Stadium.  HOMEWORK NOTE: October is a heavy competition month and puts the single highest time demand on band students.  It is a good idea to put extra effort in other classes prior to October to accommodate the time-crunch associated with competition month.


First-period band requirement for all 9th Graders and other some other students.  After Marching Season concludes, students who are not selected for Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble still play in this first-period class.  Concert Band performs during Concert Season and attends Spring Trip.


This is in November through May for the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Bands and is year round for the Concert Band. Several concerts are performed during the concert season, including the district NMMEA festival and the spring trip.


A general term for the expenses that are accrued over the course of the year for band students.  Things that cost the student money include things like T-shirts, trip expenses (meals are included) and other activities.  The costs are highest during Marching Season and at spring trip.  Accounts are set up in each student's name (via Charms), and many fundraising activities credit directly to the participating student's account.  Many parents cover all of the costs for their students from fundraising activities.


Students who conduct the band during the marching shows and when the band plays from the stands.  Drum Majors compete for and are voted into this position by members of the band.


Drum section that marches on the field as a group during marching shows and use the following instruments; snares, tenors, bass drums, and sometimes cymbals.


An excused absence for school related activities.  An Eagle Absence is used any time that a band function takes students out of class.  Eagle Absences must be approved by the teachers, who may choose not to sign them if the student has missed 8 or more non-Eagle absences.


Scholastic eligibility will be determined by semester grades.  A student must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and NO F’s in the prior semester, in order to be eligible to participate in activities/athletics.  Summer courses are a possible way to regain fall eligibility.


Any student who has not marched before with the Eldorado High School Golden Eagle Marching Band.


Fundraiser for the General Fund. Band families and the community donate items to be sold at the Flea Market.  Band parents organize and run this event.  This event coincides with March-A-Thon.


The band attends all local football games.  The games are on either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday in September and October.  Students report in uniform to EHS and ride buses with chaperones to and from the game.  The band marches during halftime if EHS is the home team and before the game begins if we are the visitors.  The band also plays pep band music in the stands during the game.  Band parents usually congregate in the stands next to the band.  If the football team makes state playoffs, then the band will typically be there for the football games to support them.  These games work just like regular season games, with the band meeting at EHS and taking buses to the game.


There are many opportunities to raise funds for the band general fund, and for each student's account.  Some students are able to completely pay the year's costs with fundraising.


The intermediate jazz band class that meets during the school day. Selection is by audition in May.  Additional auditions may be held at the beginning of the year for 9th graders.


Band and Guard students may earn a letter if they meet the requirements based on participation in performances, activities and academics.  It is possible for students to earn a letter as a freshman.


A non-competitive marching performance evaluation/assessment event where bands perform and receive ratings of Superior, Excellent, Good, Poor, or Unprepared by a panel of adjudicators.  This event is held at Los Lunas High School.


A marching event that coincides with the Flea Market. The band marches through the neighborhood surrounding Eldorado, with police escort, and collects donations from the community.  This fundraiser benefits the General Fund.


Any marching band event that is non competitive and bands are not compared to one another and ranked in order of achievement.  All performing bands have the opportunity to receive any of the ratings: Superior, Excellent, Good, Poor, or Unprepared by a panel of adjudicators.  These events include Los Lunas Classic, Valencia Classic, and the APS Marching Performance Assessment.  Bands can also opt to enter into Zia Marching Band Fiesta for a ratings assessment.


Late July through early November.  It also includes additional rehearsals and at least two marching competitions.


 Football stadium located at 1200 Hazeldine Ave SE, near the University of New Mexico.


All Concert Season instrumental groups participate in this event that takes place in the spring each year.  Groups assemble at a local high school and perform for adjudicators.  After the groups perform the directors are given ratings and comments to acknowledge the bands’ strengths and help them improve.


"New Mexico Pageant of Bands" (AKA "Pageant") is a marching competition planned, organized and presented by volunteers representing the Albuquerque area band booster organizations.


This is the culmination of band camp, usually on a Saturday early evening. Students march on the practice field.  The first parent meeting of the year typically occurs immediately before the parent performance.


The general term for bands that play in support of school functions.  Most often pep bands play for home basketball games and UNM volleyball games.  The band is divided into two "bands" that alternate playing at games.


The pit is incredibly important as they enhance the music performance by playing auxiliary percussion parts like cymbals, mallets, timpani, gong, bass drum, chimes, keyboard, etc.


An extremely fun group of parents who load and unload instruments (not just the pit) and build awesome props for our marching show.  They help set up the Pit and Drum Major stands, and make sure props do not blow off the field.


A paved and lined lot behind the baseball field on the eastern most edge of the Eldorado complex.


An event that all band members are required to attend.  These include Tuesday afternoon practices, Pep Band events and other activities.  Students with conflicts due to sports or CEC enrollment should communicate with Mr. Sayre.


A competitive marching band event held in Rio Rancho New Mexico at Rio Rancho High School.  Bands will compete in classes determined by band size and ranked in order of achievement by a panel of adjudicators.


The top-level jazz band class that meets during the regular school day. Selection is by audition in May.  Additional auditions may be held at the beginning of the year for 9th graders.


The student leadership for each section.  Selection is typically based on leadership qualities and musical ability.  Most sections have 2 or 3 section leaders.  Section leaders are selected by the directors and/or current student leaders.


Rehearsal among sections of students who play the same instrument (all flutes, trumpets, Color Guard, etc.).  Sectionals may be led by a student section leader, or a staff member.


Marching band members who alternate with other students for the show.  Marching shows are visually designed for a specific number of students.  Some students in a section that have more members than the show design will be sharing a spot with each other and take turns marching.  Shared spots are determined during band camp.


The complex interaction of music and marching around a central theme.  The show consists of an Opener (Movement I), Ballad (Movement II) and Closer (Movement III).  EHS performs one marching show per year.  Typically, a show will be tweaked and fine-tuned throughout Marching Season, with additional moves and/or props inserted as the band becomes more skilled at executing the show.


T shirts that are worn underneath the Marching uniform.  The design on the shirt represents the theme of the marching show each year.  Shirts are purchased for the students, but parents are welcome to order one as well. The show shirt  is a part of the Pep Band Uniform.  This is the "casual uniform" or “pep band uniform” for the band.


Spring playing events for individual and small group Woodwind, Brass and Winter Guard performers. Solo and Ensemble provides an opportunity for students to be evaluated by judges on solo or ensemble pieces of the student’s choosing; however students may be assigned to a piece at the director’s discretion.


The student leadership organization within the band that provides input to the Booster Board and Directors about student activities.


The third jazz band class that meets during the school day. Selection is by audition in May.  Additional auditions may be held at the beginning of the year for 9th graders.


A Concert Season ensemble with members selected through an audition at the end of marching season.  This is the second level (JV) concert band at Eldorado. Symphonic Band meets Zero Hour during Concert Season.


Eldorado High School's "home" stadium, on Lomas east of Manzano HS.  This is also the site for many football games, Pageant, and several after-school rehearsals during the Marching Season.  Transportation to and from Wilson for after-school rehearsals is not provided.


A Concert Season ensemble with members selected through an audition at the end of marching season. This is the top (Varsity) concert band at Eldorado involving the most select group of musicians.  Wind Ensemble meets Zero Hour during Concert Season.


Winter Guard is the Concert Season version of Color Guard. They perform indoors to prerecorded music and compete in multiple Winter Guard competitions. 


Indoor competitions where guards from multiple schools perform, are adjudicated by experts in guard skills, choreography and showmanship.  Most invitationals also include a distinct solo & ensemble event category where guard members can perform a routine of their choice individually or in small groups.


The period before 1st period.  Zero hour begins at 7:40 AM.  Be there, set up and in your spot no later than 7:40.  To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is not acceptable.


A marching competition sponsored by the University of New Mexico and held at University Stadium in Albuquerque.  All bands march in the preliminary competition, and the top 10 bands march again at finals for final placement.