How To Volunteer

Disclaimer: We strive to keep this information as up-to-date as possible, but the APS process is constantly evolving.  If during your processing you find any of this information to be inaccurate, please let us know so we can update.

APS has strict requirements for our volunteers.  Our students' safety is absolutely critical.

Our band Needs EVERYONE to volunteer.  Many hands make light work, and your involvement as a parent is critical to the success of the Band.  Typically we need 100-150 volunteers at various events throughout the year to help.  Thank YOU for volunteering!

There are two types of volunteers.  Unsupervised and Supervised.  Which one are you?   Our Unsupervised Volunteers are typically chaperones, board members, committee members and leaders who are around the students and not in direct control of the band director(s).  Supervised Volunteers are typically event helpers like food and fun, uniform distribution, and general assistance where a band director is present.

Both types of volunteers must go through the APS process.  For the Supervised volunteer, you can go to the APS site and follow the process HERE.  The cost is $12.

For Unsupervised volunteers (ie. Chaperones, Board Members, Staff, etc. - anyone that will have access to students apart from band director(s)), you will fill out our form to start the process. Your form will be sent to the Eldorado principal for approval and then to APS where they will contact you about next steps.  The cost for this is $59.  The general outline of the process is below:

IMPORTANT: Once you have received your clearance, please forward your paperwork to Robby Claspell at for our records.

**For both types of volunteers, you can be reimbursed by submitting your receipt to**

You can read APS process statements HERE.