Band Fees FAQ


Band fees make it possible for this program to function at such a high level.  But you may have some questions about these fees...  Look through the FAQs below to find the answers.

How do I pay my student's fees?

You will need to login to the Band Store and link your student account to submit your payment via debit or credit card. We do not accept cash.

See the Fee Management for details.

How do I pay my student's fees?

Yes, they need to be made payable to the Eldorado Band Boosters and you must send the payment via mail to the following address by the due date.

PO Box 14424
Albuquerque, NM 87191-4424 

If you do not use use the Band Store to pay your fees expect delays of up to 10 days to post to your account after we receive your check or money order. Please allow sufficient time through the mail so you do not become delinquent on your account.

What is the $60 class fee?

This is the amount paid to the Director’s activity fund at Eldorado High School and is a required fee. No cash will be accepted and you will need to make a separate check payable to Eldorado High School and give to the Director. The Eldorado Boosters will also be available to collect this payment from you at the end of Band Camp.

Do I have to pay all the fees at once?

All fees have been billed to your account for the school year. You have the option to pay all fees at once or to pay by the due dates indicated on the billing statement.

What is the performance fee?

The performance fee enables us to pay for clinicians, program production costs, student support, equipment, and administrative costs to run the program.

What are direct charges?

Direct charges include uniforms, music assessment fees, or any other items the Director deems directly chargeable to the student.

Why am I being billed for the Spring Trip if I am not going?

If you are not going on the Spring Trip please notify the Treasurer, President, or Secretary and those charges will be removed from your bill. You must make this decision on or before September 15.

How much does band cost?

Depending on your student’s participation level the costs vary.  The cost to run our program is around $450-$550 for a band student for the entire school year. Of course you will incur additional costs for uniform charges and any additional direct charges to your account deemed appropriate by the Director.  Refer to the Student Account Policy page or the Handbook for details and breakout of costs.

Will my student receive credit for participating in Fundraisers?

There are 2 types of fundraising

General Fundraising-your student does not receive individual credit, however your performance fee has been reduced in advance to account what we expect to raise from general fundraising. All students in the program receive the same benefit from general fundraisers.

Individual Fundraising-these events are not sponsored by the Eldorado Band Boosters, however our fundraising chair can put you in contact with those companies that allow you to raise funds for your student’s account. It is your responsibility to pay the company directly for any goods or services that you are purchasing from them and it is your responsibility to collect any proceeds from the company to pay on your student’s account. The Eldorado Band Boosters are not involved in any of the financial transactions associated with individual fundraising. 501(c)3 organizations are not allowed to engage in individual fundraising.  We will provide the students with instruction on how individual fundraising works during Band Camp.

What other information is available?

Refer to the handbook Financial Policy section for more detailed information

What if I cannot afford to pay the band fees? Is there assistance available?

Currently we do not have any assistance programs available, however we encourage you to take advantage of individual fundraising opportunities our fundraising chair can make available to you to raise the funds to pay your fees.  Historically, participation in individual fundraisers can cover much of the cost of band.

What if I do not or cannot pay my band fees by the stated due dates?

We understand that things get in the way. If you are experiencing unforeseen difficulties please contact the Director, President, and Treasurer regarding your situation. We rely on everyone paying their fees by the stated due dates in order to maintain sufficient cash flow to run the program.

What if I disagree with the fees that are being charged?

The fees that are billed to your account are spread over a large number of student’s to make your fee affordable. The fees are clearly disclosed in the handbook ahead of time. We do not consider a disagreement with a fee to be a valid reason not to pay. 

Direct charges to your student’s account are not negotiable.

What if the fees are not paid by the stated due dates?

Your student’s eligibility to participate in off-campus band activities will be affected. It is important to pay your fees as stated and on time. Unpaid fees will make your student ineligible to attend the Spring Trip as well.

Why is the uniform fee being charged if I do not need uniform items?

The Director has discretion in deciding what will be charged for uniforms and related items. Generally freshmen will need to purchase marching shoes unless arrangements have been made with the Director in advance to demonstrate the shoes meet the required standards. Marching Uniforms have an established budget and have been spread among students participating in Marching Band and Color Guard. There is no exception for the Marching Uniform fee.

Any other uniform related items not purchased and proposed, you will need clearance from the Director to ensure the items you are providing meet the program standards. Refer to the student handbook for more details regarding uniform cleanings, fines, and replacement costs.