Students are assigned individual accounts in our online financial system.  All payments will be first applied to outstanding balances from the previous year before being applied to current year expenses. The accounts are used to bill and collect for anticipated student expenses for the school year. Each student’s account must be paid in full by March 6th, 2024 for the student to be eligible to attend the spring trip.


Below are the anticipated expenses for the 23-24 school year.  While we have done our best to estimate the expenses they are subject to change.

IMPORTANT: Brass, Wind and Percussionists MUST participate in the District VII Music Performance Assessment & Festival to qualify to participate in the Spring Trip. The payments for the Spring Trip are conveniently spread out over the school year and are detailed in the payment schedule.

The Eldorado Band Program has no hidden expenses.  When your student boards the bus for a football game or a trip out of town, all expenses such as meals, lodging and transportation are covered.  Students must provide personal spending money for snacks or souvenirs and are asked to provide $2.00 to tip bus drivers on overnight trips.


* The Class fee is paid separately to APS and you will need to bring a separate check for this in July 2023 at the end of band camp. These fees will be paid by check to EHS and turned into Mr. Sayre when school starts.

** Jazz Band Only and Concert Band Only students will need to pay the Performance Fee of $75.00 by 10/1/2023.

*** Freshmen will need to buy marching shoes ($40) in addition to the estimated uniform charges above.

**** Spring Trip is to San Diego in April 2024.  A non-refundable commitment fee of $150 is due by 9/15/2023.


You will be assigned a payment schedule based on your student’s participation group shown above. The monthly payments will be billed in full (broken down into monthly payments) to your student account. You will pay the amounts based on the due date for the payment billed, or you may pay in full by selecting all amounts for payment. 


Direct Cost Items will be billed to your student account and are due in full when billed. The costs are estimated, they may be more or less than the amounts indicated in the table above.


Spring Trip payments will be billed (broken down into monthly payments) to your student account. The monthly payments will be billed in full monthly to your student account. You will pay the amounts based on the due date for the payment billed, or you may pay in full by selecting all amounts for payment. All Fixed, Direct, and Spring Trip items must be paid on time and in full by March 6, 2024 in order to maintain eligibility for travel on the Spring Trip.


If you need to make arrangements for making payments to your account please contact the Eldorado Band Booster Treasurer by emailing your message to  (no text messages please). Briefly explain your situation and the Treasurer will contact you.



BAND STORE: The preferred method of payment to your student’s account is by debit or credit card to your student’s account via the Band Store . This is the most secure way to pay and helps to ensure that amounts are credited properly to your student’s account.

See the Fee Management page for details.

CHECK OR MONEY ORDER: If you want to pay by check or money order do the following:

1. Write your student’s name and account number in the memo field

2. Tell us what you are paying for (if not indicated payments will be applied as outlined below)

3. Make the check or money order payable to Eldorado Band Boosters

4. Mail the check to: Eldorado Band Boosters, P.O. Box 14424, Albuquerque, NM 87191-4424


Funds we receive from you will be applied in the following order:

1. Payment of outstanding fixed charges if any

2. Payment of any direct charges to your account

3. Payment of trip balances if applicable, however initial trip deposits will be credited directly to the applicable trip if received on or before the trip commitment date deadline


Transfer of funds between student accounts will not be permitted. It is important for us to keep an accurate record of your specific student’s account and transfers can result in an incorrect application of funds to your student’s account.  If you have multiple students in the program you will need to remit separate payments for each.


If you have the opportunity to obtain funds from third parties to help fund your student’s account you will need to collect those funds directly from them and then remit one payment from you to us for credit to your student’s account.

If a payment is remitted through the Band Store by a third party to your student’s account we will deem the payment as coming from the parent or guardian and we are not responsible for keeping track of who remitted the payment on your student’s behalf. Do not share your login information with unrelated third parties as this is a security risk to your privacy and your student’s privacy.


If your student has a credit balance in their account at the end of the school year you will have the following options to clear the balance:

1. Receive a refund of the credit balance

2. Donate the credit balance to the EHS Band Boosters

3. Rollover the balance to the next school year

You will receive a notification asking you to make an election for 1, 2, or 3 above.  No response to the notification will result in a rollover to the next school year.  We encourage you to pay the exact amounts owed at the time of billing and to not generate a credit balance.


The Eldorado Band Boosters in conjunction with the Director will arrange for and determine the costs associated with optional trips. You must complete a trip commitment form and remit the deposit by the stated deadline to reserve a spot for the trip. Trip deposits are not refundable. The Eldorado Band Boosters assumes the risk associated with the actual trip costs. If the actual trip costs exceed the original stated costs you will not be billed additionally for those costs. Conversely, if actual trip costs are less than the original stated costs you will not be refunded those amounts and they will revert to the Eldorado Band Booster general fund.


Students will not be eligible to attend optional trips if any account balances are outstanding by the stated deadlines, even if amounts have been paid towards the trip. You will be refunded amounts if available less the amounts required to secure fixed cost events, hotels, and other charges necessary to secure trip arrangements for your student.  If we have expended amounts on your student’s behalf to secure trip arrangements and your account balance is insufficient to cover those amounts you will be billed for them. If you commit to a trip be sure to follow through on your account obligations on or before the designated deadlines for all payment types.  

Spring Trip funds forfeiture will be as follows (this is the amount that is not refundable as of the corresponding dates):

1/31/2024 - $150

2/1/2024 - $400

2/15/2024 - $600

3/1/2024 - $800

3/6/2024 - $950