The Eldorado Band Program prides itself on always presenting ourselves in the most professional way possible. This includes everyone associated with the band, not just our students. Please remember that we all are responsible for leaving areas in as good or better condition than we found them, monitoring our language when with the band or representing the band, not participating in PDA (Public Displays of affection), and ALWAYS being respectful of other bands and band programs. Our motto is, “If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all.” This applies not only to verbal comments but also to text messages, social media postings, etc.


Band discipline must, of necessity, be strict. We are very proud of the fact that our band is complimented on the behavior of our students and asked by restaurants and hotels to return “at any time”. Parents and students alike must continue to exhibit good sportsmanship and considerate behavior at all times, as they are a direct reflection of Eldorado High School and the Band.

Band students are subject to APS policy regarding the behavior of students who participate in extracurricular activities. Be aware that guilt by association is the rule in use of prohibited substances. If a student finds that alcohol is available at a party, for example, the only choice is to leave immediately. Just being present is grounds for disciplinary punishment under APS rules.


The band recognizes that genuine feelings of affection may exist between students; however, students should refrain from inappropriate intimate behaviors on campus or at school related events and trips. Students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner. Kissing, excessive hugging, hanging on each other, sitting on laps, etc. (as determined by chaperones and or directors) are not acceptable behaviors. Holding hands is considered an appropriate public display of affection. Repeated or especially inappropriate behavior in this regard may result in disciplinary consequences such as students being separated, parental contact, or possibly being sent home at parental expense.


The greatest single factor that determines the success of our band program is having a positive attitude. This is a powerful tool in dealing with others. A positive attitude is critical to the successful transformation of a group of musicians into a band. Make the most of every rehearsal and performance. Work to solve any problems you encounter; merely complaining won’t change anything. Share positive suggestions with someone in charge. We each have the power to make the band better; that should be our primary goal.


All band students will wear their band T-shirts when participating in an organized fundraisers to ensure the public’s understanding that this is legitimate non-profit fundraising. Unacceptable behavior, as determined by the Director’s standards, may result in the student being barred from participating in certain future fundraising events. APS dress code rules always apply. Uniform standards of dress and care are explained on the other pages of this site.


The Eldorado High School band program strictly follows the APS published medication policy. Please refer to the Eldorado High School handbook for further details.


Scheduled Absences

The student and his/her parents must notify the Director of any conflicts at least 2 WEEKS prior to any band engagement, The Director will determine whether or not the absence will be considered excused. An excused Absence form can be found on the band website, or a copy can be obtained from the Director.

Any unexcused absence will impact the student’s chances to letter in band for the year, and it will affect the student’s 6-week grade. If the student does not notify the director two weeks prior to the engagement, he/she will lose the opportunity to complete any makeup assignments given and will receive a failing grade for the engagement.

Emergency and Illness Absences

The Director will consider emergencies and special circumstances. If you are sick and cannot attend a performance, you MUST notify the director by placing a call to his office (296-4871 Ext. 35066) or sending an email before the performance. Students who miss a performance are responsible for requesting make-up assignments from the Director.


30% TESTS AND QUIZZES – 30% of the six-week grade will be based on tests and quizzes

40% PARTICIPATION AND DAILY GRADES – 40% of the six-week grade will be based on daily grades including being on time to events, class work, sectionals, preparedness for class, having necessary supplies, and being an active participant in rehearsal.

30% PERFORMANCES – 30% of the six-week grade will be based on concert attendance and concert participation. (being on time, being helpful with set-up / tear-down, being a good audience member, etc.…)


The final product of band class is the performance. It is critical to the entire band that every member attends every performance. Read the performance calendar for this school year carefully and keep these dates clear! Unexcused absences are treated very seriously and will result in the following grade deduction.

  • Each student is a valuable member of his/her band and will be expected to attend and participate at every public appearance of that ensemble.

  • Band is a performing arts course.

  • Concert attendance and participation is REQUIRED!

An UNEXCUSED absence from a performance will result in your overall grade for the current grading period being lowered two full letter grades.

The EHS Band Program is high energy, sometimes requiring many hours of time outside of the school day. Much of the grading is based on attendance, especially during Marching Season. It is very important that every student attend all performances. It is virtually impossible to adequately make up a performance; any student’s absence puts added pressure on other students.

Attendance at rehearsals is mandatory; only Mr. Dubbs can excuse absences.

  • Extra rehearsals may be called by the Director or Section Leaders with the Director’s approval.

  • All members of Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble (who are not graduating) will be required to play for graduation.

Students who participate in sports, drama or any school clubs, should speak with Mr. Dubbs if there is any conflict with these rehearsals. If these issues are communicated to Mr. Dubbs at least two weeks in advance arrangements can be made for that student to report late and show up to the concert just before their band is playing and/or depart as soon as they are finished playing. We will support your student to do as much as they want to do during this important time of exploration in their lives.


  • Serious illness (with doctor's note)

  • Death in the family

  • Eldorado High School sports competition/meet that is pre-arranged with the Band Director

  • Pre-arranged conflict (basically a “once-in-a-lifetime”). Must be CLEARED/APPROVED at least two weeks in advance with Mr. Dubbs


  • Forgetting there was a concert/performance

  • Not securing a ride to the concert/performance

  • Trips made in total disregard to band commitment

  • Any other conflict not CLEARED/APPROVED at least two weeks ahead with Mr. Dubbs


The Make-up assignment for an EXCUSED absence from a concert is for the student to personally plan and record all the music from the concert on their own. This can be done on an iPod, phone, or via email. All recordings must be done with a metronome. This is due the Monday following the missed performance. The calendar of events for the entire school year is on the Calendar. Using it can help you to plan ahead and avoid conflicts.

Make-up work is not available for UNEXCUSED absences.


Students are expected to be on time, on task, prepared, and have all their supplies with them in class. These include but are not limited to: instrument, music, pencil, coordinate sheet for marching band, and accessories, (reeds, valve oil, mouthpiece, etc.) Students will also be observed to ensure that they are treating equipment with respect.


These accessories are important parts of each instrument and should be stored in the student's instrument case or locked band locker. Clarinet and Saxophone players are expected to have 4 working reeds with them in their case always. Oboes and Bassoons are expected to have 2 working reeds with them in their case always. Metronomes, cleaning supplies, and wire stands should be left at home for home practice. All accessories can be purchased at any local music store such as Baum’s, Music Go Round or via on-line music sites.


Playing tests consist of a section of music that we are preparing for performance or over a scale or technical study. It is the student’s responsibility to make up test (IN A TIMELY FASHION) if they happen to be absent during the administration of a playing test.


  • Attend a concert and write a critique of the performance (Suggestions: New Mexico Philharmonic, University of New Mexico Ensembles, Concert Band, etc.).

  • Listen to a classical or jazz concert on the radio and write a brief summary of what you heard including titles and composers.

  • Attend a musical and write a brief summary of what you heard.

  • Write a short report on a music-related topic.

  • Suggest an alternative idea.

Note: The amount of credit gained for each activity will vary depending on the amount of time and effort that it requires. See Mr. Dubbs for more specific information.


Band members should behave in a manner that reflects positively upon the school. In uniform band members are easily identified and stereotyped. An individual’s actions, whether good or bad, speak for the entire band. (CELL PHONES AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES SHOULD BE TURNED OFF) If we see or hear one of these devices it will be confiscated and turned into the school’s office the following day!

When we have an on-campus concert the format will be as follows:

  1. The student will report to the band room in full uniform to pick up their instruments, music, and any supplies that they may need for the concert.

  2. The students will either take a seat in the PAC or warm-up in the band room, depending on which ensemble they are a member.

  3. At the completion of the performance of the final band of the evening, students will first put the instruments back in their cases and return them to the band room. (ALL STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO STAY AND SUPPORT THEIR PEERS UNTIL THE CONCERT IS COMPLETE!)

  4. After the student has put up their instrument they have a job to do in assisting the tear down of the remaining equipment. (These jobs are listed on signs in the band room and the performance space)

  5. Once the job is complete for that student’s section they return to the PAC stage to sign out with the designated band officer(s). To earn credit for tear-down, a student MUST SIGN OUT!


The EHS Band Program Letter encourages and acknowledges the “above and beyond” accomplishments of Band, Jazz Band and Color Guard students. Students should take the EHS Band Program seriously and try to make it the best it can be. Applications for letters are due in April each year and letters are awarded at the annual Band Banquet in May. Letters are awarded for the current school year only, not previous years. For more specific information, see the sample letter forms below. See Mr. Dubbs at the beginning of the year if you have any questions about events that may earn lettering points. The lettering form is available on the Forms page.