Marching Band provides a fun and exciting opportunity for students to perform at football games and compete against marching bands from across New Mexico and neighboring states. Zia Marching Fiesta and Pageant of Bands (POB) are the two standard competitions that the Eldorado band participates in with a third competition that varies. The highest quality band is comprised of all the students working together as a well-trained team. Students are encouraged to keep their grades up, so they can play and make the team look and sound its absolute best. All band members are expected to participate in all football games and competitions. Participating in marching band is a big commitment and is hard work, but more than that, it is rewarding and fun.

Marching Season begins with band camp, two weeks before school starts, and ends with the last football game or competition in late October or early November. Marching band includes all instrumentalists (woodwind, brass, and percussion) and Color Guard students. All marching band members are required to attend zero hour.

Required After-School Rehearsals and Sectionals

The complete marching band rehearses after school on the marching field on Tuesdays from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm. The EHS practice field is located at the northeastern edge of the campus – east of the baseball and soccer fields. These rehearsals are REQUIRED for all band students and will be graded. Students with conflicts due to Career Enrichment Center (CEC) classes or athletics must communicate with Mr. Dubbs. All other students must attend.

All band program students are required to participate in sectional rehearsals. Each section leader will ensure their section members are aware of the date/times of rehearsal. Generally, sectionals will be held:

Mondays from 2:35 pm - 3:20 pm: Woodwind and Brass

Wednesdays from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm: Percussion and Color Guard

Additional Required Rehearsals

Additional required rehearsals will be held throughout Marching Season. Students who participate in sports, drama or any school clubs, should speak with Mr. Dubbs if there is any conflict with these rehearsals. CEC students should communicate with Mr. Dubbs about their schedules. Students who are involved in other school activities such as sports, drama, or school clubs are required to inform their coach, director or sponsor that they MUST attend these marching rehearsals. All scheduling conflicts must be discussed with the Director at least two weeks prior to a mandatory rehearsal.

Football Games

The Marching Band performs in uniform at all Eldorado High School football games held in Albuquerque. If Eldorado is the home team, the show will be performed at halftime. If Eldorado is the visiting team, the show will be performed before the game begins.

Band and Color Guard students will report to the EHS band room approximately 1½ hours before game time, based on the location of the game. Report time is announced to students during zero hour. Prior to departure for the game, the band will form up in the EHS courtyard, attendance will be taken, and a uniform inspection will be conducted. All students are expected to help load the equipment truck before each performance and unload the equipment truck upon returning from a performance.

All students are expected to ride the bus to and from each performance. No band member may leave a performance early unless excused by the Director prior to the performance. The proper APS form must be filled out and signed in advance by the Director and an Eldorado Administrator. Forms are available in the main office.

Band members will sit with their sections at all times. Only current band members are allowed in the band section of the stands when the band is seated in the stands. Chaperones are spread throughout either side (not the front) of the Band to provide water and help with any other needs during the game. Students are expected to pay attention to the Director(s) and Drum Majors for instructions and play only as a full band when in the stands; no solos or ensembles are allowed. Students and parents are expected to stand during the National Anthem and school song to help encourage school spirit.

Color Guard

The EHS Color Guard is a very important part of the EHS Marching Band. They offer an important ingredient to the overall “General Effect” of our show by providing a visual interpretation of the music with dynamic choreography and the use of flags, rifles, sabers and other props. Color Guard members do not need to play a band instrument to be a member of the marching band. Members will be registered in “Wind/Marching Band” first semester and “Wind Ensemble” for the 2nd semester. This class is for ½ credit per semester, attendance will be taken daily, and performance tests will be given throughout each semester. Color Guard members have uniform fees that are charged to their Charms accounts. They are also individually responsible for purchasing shoes, undergarments, makeup and hair accessories, as decided by the instructor. The cost for this is approximately $75.00 for the year.


School buses or coaches with chaperones will be used to transport students to all performances and football games during Marching Season and Concert Season. While on the bus, students are always expected to remain seated, keep instruments stored in cases, and keep everything inside the bus. When leaving the bus, all students should remove all trash and exit only through the front door unless told otherwise.


The Eldorado Jazz Bands have been some of the best jazz bands in the state and the southwest for many years. The jazz program consists of three performing groups. Screamin' Eagles (Jazz Band 1), Golden Image (Jazz Band 2) and Swing Wings (Jazz Band 3) are audition-based groups. Students who are in a jazz band must be enrolled in a concert band and the marching band. The only exceptions to this rule are for students who play piano, bass and guitar. Jazz Band is a yearlong class. All Jazz Band members are expected to participate and attend all practices and performances.

Screamin’ Eagles (Advanced Jazz Band)

The Screamin' Eagles Jazz Band is the top jazz ensemble at Eldorado High School. This group has received many awards over the years, including being selected as the New Mexico All-State Honor Jazz Band more than any other school in the state. Enrollment is by audition only and is open to all band students in Grades 9 – 12. Audition materials will be available in late March and auditions will be in April. All students must audition each year and are not guaranteed spots from year to year. This group meets during the 3rd period.

Golden Image (Intermediate Jazz Band)

Enrollment is by audition only and is open to all band students in Grades 9-12. Audition materials will be available in late March and auditions will be in April. All students must audition each year and are not guaranteed spots from year to year. This group meets during the 2nd period.

Swing Wings (Intermediate Jazz Band)

Enrollment is by audition only and is open to all band students in Grades 9-12. All students must audition each year and are not guaranteed spots from year to year. This group meets during the 4th period.

Please refer to Policies page for information regarding expectations, student conduct, report times, uniforms, transportation, grading, etc. related to the Jazz Program.


Concert Season begins after Marching Season. During Concert Season, wind, brass and percussion students perform in the Concert Band, Symphonic Band, or Wind Ensemble. Color Guard students transition into Winter Guard season. All groups participate in musical festivals, invitational events and trips that contribute to the continued growth and benefit of each individual player, as well as the entire EHS Band Program. All students are expected to participate in and attend all competitions and performances.

All band students audition for chair placement in early November following the Marching Season. Each student’s audition determines placement in the Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble. Auditions will be held during the zero hour, after the last marching competition of the year. Students will perform music selected for All-State auditions. This can be obtained at Baum’s Music on Eubank & Candelaria (for audition selections refer to http://www.nmmea.com/audition.htm). This material will also be posted on the bulletin board, outside the band room, within the first few weeks of school.

NOTE FOR FRESHMEN: 9th grade wind, brass and percussion students are in first period “Concert Band” for the year. Some ninth graders may be placed in either “Symphonic Band” or “Wind Ensemble”, both of which meet during zero hour. In other words, a 9th grader WILL BE in first period band, but based on auditions MAY BE in zero AND first period bands.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL WIND, BRASS AND PERCUSSION STUDENTS: Participation in the District VII Music Performance Assessment & Festival is mandatory to attend the Spring Trip.

Wind Ensemble (Grades 9-12, depending on audition)

Wind Ensemble is directed by the Band Director, Brad Dubbs. Students in this ensemble are highly encouraged to take private lessons. Great discipline, attitude, musicianship, and attendance are required of all Wind Ensemble members. Freshmen who are selected for this ensemble will continue to be in Concert Band as well. This band meets daily during Zero Hour after the Marching Season concludes.

Symphonic Band (Grades 9-12, depending on audition)

This band is composed of students who have passed an audition process. Symphonic Band is directed by the Assistant Band Director, Steve Snowden, and meets daily during zero hour after Marching Season concludes. Attitude, discipline, dedication, and attendance are a must in this group. Freshmen who are selected for this ensemble will continue to be in Concert Band as well. Private lessons are strongly encouraged.

Concert Band

(All freshmen and students who have not tested into the Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble.) This band is required for all freshmen. Students in this band develop the discipline, maturity, instrument technique, and musical ability necessary to become a performer in either the Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble. This band meets during the 1st period.

Pep Band

All wind, brass and percussionists will be assigned to one of two pep bands. These pep bands will perform at EHS girls’ or boys’ basketball games played at the school during second semester. The Director will determine the schedule and pep band assignments. Each pep band will perform at an equal number of basketball games as determined by the basketball schedule. These are graded performances for the six-week period. Winter Guard members are welcome but not required to attend pep band events.

Winter Percussion Ensemble

All percussionists participate in the Winter Percussion Ensemble during spring semester. These students continue to meet most Wednesday evenings during the Concert Season. Attendance at rehearsals is required. This group may participate in Solo and Ensemble in the spring.

Winterguard (Grades 9-12)

Winter Guard is the Concert Season version of Color Guard. They perform indoors to prerecorded music and compete in multiple Winter Guard competitions. Winter Guard meets during Zero Hour and students earn one-half credit for this class. A positive attitude, commitment, teamwork, and discipline are expected. Attendance is required during class time and at all after-school practices. During Concert Season (usually in March), Eldorado hosts the annual Eldorado Winter Guard Invitational (WGI) as one of the general fund fundraisers.