Open Positions

This band program was very fortunate this year, and was able to operate efficiently enough on an almost skeleton crew. I know we thanked most of them at the Marching Band Awards Ceremony in November, but I want to thank them again for making this season successful. We truly could not have done it without them.

Running the program with such a limited crew, however, is not sustainable. We need a number of parents to step up and help us run this program next year. We have a number of board positions/committee positions that are still open/will be open and in need of a leader. We need to be able to fill these positions as quickly as possible in order to give us time to do knowledge transfer/training before we start planning for next year so we can be firmly grounded before the craziness of marching season begins. Keep in mind these are leadership positions - many of these areas will need teams of people to support those that take on these leadership roles, and signups for those jobs will happen throughout the year.

Here are the open positions, and a brief description of what the job entails.

Board Positions - these positions are board positions, are expected to regularly attend board meetings, and have voting rights on board-related business

  • Fundraising Chair - this position is in charge of lining up and executing many of the fundraising activities throughout the year. Some of the activities, like Jazz Festival, have their own chairs, but this position will be in charge of the rest. This year, we want to also find a few others to serve on the fundraising committee, taking on specific fundraisers like the car wash and poinsettias, and help the chair make things happen. More details on those positions below...

  • Colorguard Chair - this position works closely with May, our lead colorguard instructor, to develop budgets for colorguard/winterguard, and represent this critical element of our band program on the board. Additional responsibilities include working with May to plan/coordinate the winterguard invitational in the spring semester.

Committee Positions - these positions are the various people we rely on to own various activities throughout the season and work closely with the board when their committees are required.

  • Flea Market - this position involves coordinating collection of flea market donations, getting/training volunteers to help with the event, and basically making the day-long event happen. Its a good amount of work, but is heavily focused early in the marching season.

  • Hydration - this position involves keeping our kids hydrated. This requires building up a team of individuals to keep water/ice coolers at games, hydration on march-a-thon, water at competitions, and any other time hydration is needed.

  • March-A-Thon - this person works with the board to make sure that the March-A-Thon happens without issues. This includes getting necessary permits with the city, and building up a team of people to support the kids during the marching, including coordinating with the hydration team.

  • Fundraising Committee - we are looking to bolster the fundraising chair with a few individuals willing to help the fundraising chair plan and execute any of our various fundraising activities throughout the year. They would essentially be asked to take on one or two of our larger fundraising areas/events. The specific events we are looking for leaders on are:
    Poinsettia Sales - this involves working with Lowes to coordinate purchase of poinsettias, and coordinating distribution
    Fundraising is a big job, and needs a small team of committed individuals to make it successful.

Again, we are looking for committed individuals willing to take on these leadership positions. We have plenty of expertise on hand to help train and show the ropes. The key is a teaming mentality, a willingness to serve, and foremost - a desire to make the band program a successful and enjoyable experience for the kids.

If you have any interest in any of these positions, or would like more information - please respond and let me know, and we can have a conversation. We are looking to fill these in the next few months so shadowing and knowledge transfer can occur before we wrap up this season and start planning for the next.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and I look forward to meeting some excited individuals who will help make this program the best it can be. If you have any interest in serving in these positions, please email