The migration to Cut Time involves a quick onboarding process to validate and confirm your mobile phone number and establish what they call your "Magic Link".  This link is generated using a random string of characters to form a URL that is tied to your number, and once verified to your phone number, can be used to quickly see your personal view into your student's information.

What this means is no more usernames and passwords to forget - for both students and guardians.  The way this works is you will receive an initial text message on your phone that will say something along the lines of:

Jeremy Dencklau at Eldorado High School - Eldorado High School Band has added you as a guardian for student <Some Student Name>.  Eldorado High School - Eldorado High School Band uses Cut Time to help you stay up-to-date on your child's program, obligations, and events

Log in with this link:<some random characters>

That link is your magic link.  You can get to it on your mobile phone, or bookmark it in any of your browsers to always be able to see announcements, and eventually fees and event details for your students.

NOTE: Do not share your magic link - it is tied just to you and your mobile number.  If you need another guardian setup for your student, just let us know their name and mobile number, and we can get them setup.

When you first click on that link, you will be taken to a verification page that will send a verification code to your phone.  Enter that verification code when you receive it, and you will hit a landing page that lists all students associated with your account.

NOTE: You can ignore the Student Calendar for the time being - we will continue to use our Google Calendar for the foreseeable future

Click on your student, and you will see all applicable information regarding their account.  For this school year, you will only see announcements here, but in the future, there will be events (along with volunteer signups) and fee obligations to the program (that will come with some helpful upgrades once we implement - more to come).

If you have any issues with the onboarding process, please email so we can work through those issues and get you connected.

Again, thanks for your patience as we work to complete this major undertaking to improve our program management systems.