ZIA Marching fiesta

The annual Zia Marching Fiesta is at UNM University Stadium on October 15th, 2022. Below are the itinerary, rules, and information for that day.

07:00 AM - Pit arrives to setup for final run-through at marching field.

07:15 AM - Woodwind/Brass block at marching field (Percussion/Guard separate warm-up).

07:30 AM - Dress rehearsal.

08:20 AM - Load instruments/equipment.

09:15 AM - Shirt distribution in band room.

09:30 AM - Inspection out by Activities office.

09:45 AM - Depart for University Stadium.

10:15 AM - Arrive at UNM (bus area - east of soccer field) and unload instruments.

10:50 AM - Walk to physical warm-up.

11:05 AM - Physical warm-up (field south of the stadium).

11:25 AM - Transition to music warm-up.

11:35 AM - Music warm-up.

11:55 AM - Transition to tunnel for performance (water station setup along the way).

12:05 PM - At the tunnel.


12:30 PM - Back to buses - change out of uniform shirts and eat lunch. Lunch provided by boosters.

01:15 PM - Head back into stadium to watch bands.

04:45 PM - Announcement of finalist bands.

05:15 PM - Dinner at the buses. Dinner provided by boosters.

07:30 PM - Finals begins.

10:00 PM - Announcement of finalist awards.

10:30 PM - Load buses and depart for EHS.



  • Students must follow all rules and directions given by directors, staff members, and chaperones. Failure to do so will result in sitting with chaperones for the day as well as parent contact.

  • All students are to stay together as a group throughout the day.

  • Students may bring a jacket to wear if needed while not performing. HOWEVER, students must stay in their marching pants and show shirt throughout the day when we are not performing.

  • You are representing our school and community! Be on your best behavior.

  • Cell phones are NOT to be out in the middle of performances!

  • Students who are coming from cross country and meeting us at UNM are to communicate with Mr. Dubbs the week of Zia confirming arrival time and location at the stadium.