august 27, 2023

Weekly Newsletter - August 27, 2023


First and foremost - thanks to EVERYONE that made this weekend great.  The Flea Market and March-A-Thon are great events for our band program and our community, and everyone came together to make this weekend's events successful once again.  I want to extend a huge thank you to:


What's in this newsletter?

Here's what I have for you all this week:


This week in band...

Monday 8/21

Tuesday 8/22

Wednesday 8/23

Thursday 8/24

Friday 8/25


Now on to the details...


Last chance to submit band yearbook pictures for Band Camp, Football Games, Car Wash, March-A-Thon or any other fun band pictures.  I have not received any pictures from STUDENTS or families. Some of these yearbook pages will be designed soon, so don't miss out on sharing a great photo!

Email them to

Spring Trip Commitment

The commitment deadline is 9/15/2023.  Please make sure you do both commitment requirements (pay fee and submit commitment form) by that date.

The details:

In order for your commitment to be complete, I need 2 things for each student going:

1. Pay the commitment fee in the Band Store fee management - after paying this fee, I will add your student to a list of committed students, after which the remaining trip balance will become available in the band store.

2. Fill out the Spring Trip 2024 Commitment Form - this is a way for us to reinforce the requirements around spring trip commitment and ensure parental understanding

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Band Fees

The band fees are available in the Band Store.  If you have not yet created and account and linked your student to your account, please do so ASAP.  

All the instructions for paying fees in the Band Store are available on the Fee Management page, so please be sure to read them carefullyMost notably, remember that your student's Charms ID is to be entered for BOTH the Student ID and the PIN.

If you have any issues getting setup, please let me know.

Additionally, you should have received a statement from me this past week regarding fees that are unpaid.  These will be sent out periodically to let you know if you have unpaid fees on your account(s).


Volunteer Opportunities

Here is a list of all active volunteer opportunities.  These are also always available on the Volunteering page.


Corporate Sponsorships/Golden Boosters

There are only a few more days to get those sponsorships in!  On August 30th, I will finalize the performance fees for this year and assign them to the student accounts

On the link below is a letter you can print or send to any businesses you own, relative's businesses, businesses you frequent, etc.

Students - you can get involved as well.  The section that raises the most ($ / student) will win a prize.  The standings have gotten REALLY close - the Trumpet section has closed the gap and are right on the tails of the Baritones.

1st - Baritones
2nd - Trumpets
3rd - Saxophones

Additionally, as we talked about during the parent meeting, becoming a Golden Booster is a way for you to directly support your band program.  Thanks so much to those of you who have donated so far, but we are behind in our budgeted goal for Golden Boosters.  Please consider supporting the program through this campaign.  See the Golden Boosters page for all the details.


Have a great week!

Go Eagles!



AND a word from Mr. Sayre...

Hello Eagle Band Community!

What a great weekend for our band!  Thank you, Eagle Band, for your energy on Saturday and representing our school to our community for our neighbors.  Big shout out to our Band Parents (organized by Lora Bonano!) for running the Flea Market. I am continually amazed by the EHS band community and what they are able to organize and accomplish.  

Looking forward to next week:

Game on Thursday:

Game will be at Community Stadium.  Call time is after school and food will be provided.  We will wear the band shirt, jeans, and marching shoes.  We will play pre-game and we will perform the 1st and 2nd movements with drill.  As far as playing goes in the stands please remember that we will not play as a band when the EHS football is on offense (has the ball) and only play when we are on defense. Drumline will play during offense.  Also make sure we are always playing with our best sound.  

Morning Pep Band on Thursday:

A small group has been invited to play for the APS Golf Tournament on Thursday morning.  This will be section leaders, battery, officers, and upperclassmen. We will fill the band out with upperclassmen based on instrumental needs and order of receipt of the permission form.  We only have one bus for this event and it will leave at 6AM on Thursday morning and back before 1st period.  All the other band members will work on second movement and pep tunes during zero hour.  

Rehearsals and performance including evening rehearsal on Tuesday:

We'd like to remind you that all of our rehearsals and performances are vitally important to the success of the group.  It is the expectation that every member of the band be at all rehearsals. Most of the band is doing great with this. We have made arrangements with coaches and teachers of EHS sports and activities to work scheduling so that those students can participate in and unfortunately can not extend the same excusal for students that are employed as students or participate in club sports. We hope that any conflict will be communicated well in advance along with arrangements to make up for lost learning with section leaders or staff outside of normal rehearsal time.  Normal rehearsal time cannot be used to catch up students that missed rehearsal the day before so that we can best respect the time of the students that attended rehearsal previously.  You are an amazing band and I hope that we continue to have  positive and effective use of our time!  

Here is the plan for the week (which may be updated throughout the week). Let me know if you have any questions.  4 Day weekend next weekend so lets make sure we get the most out of our 4 day work week!  Congrats to these folks: 

Here are our director recognitions: 

Most Improved

Hana Lu: Freshman Flute Player

Thinking Ahead

Paige Bryson, Alex Mamaluy and Levi Vugrin!

Most Improved Section


Outstanding Section

Color Guard!

Outstanding Attendance Award

Drum Majors!

Exemplary Member

Oliver Guerrero: Senior Tuba Player

Go Eagles!!!

Mr. Sayre