September 10, 2023

Weekly Newsletter - September 10, 2023


Another great performance this weekend!  This show is coming together and its gonna be exciting.

Also, this week is our first Monthly Parent Booster Meeting.  We believe that these meetings are critical to getting parents plugged into this program, to hear the direction of the program from the board and the directors, and to just generally build a stronger parent community.  I hope to see you all there on Wed night at 6:30 PM in the band room.

This is also the last week to get spring trip commitments in - they are due this Friday.  We are short on numbers, so if you are considering going, you should do it - It is a great time and the kids will not be disappointed.  After a long year of hard work, it is just a great opportunity to reward them.


What's in this newsletter?

Here's what I have for you all this week:


This week in band...

Monday 9/11

Tuesday 9/12

Wednesday 9/13

Thursday 9/14

Saturday 9/16


Now on to the details...

President Notes

Spring Trip Commitment

It's the last week - spring trip commitment is due by this Friday, 9/15..  We still need ~40 more students to commit to going on this trip in order to make it happen, so please make sure you do both commitment requirements (pay fee and submit commitment form) by that date.  Also, note that the commitment fee for the Spring Trip is listed as Optional, but that does not mean the commitment fee is optional if you are going on the spring trip.  It is listed as optional because the spring trip is optional, and that is the mechanism the band store uses to allow for this fee to operate in the way we need it to.

The details:

In order for your commitment to be complete, I need 2 things for each student going:

1. Pay the commitment fee in the Band Store fee management - after paying this fee, I will add your student to a list of committed students, after which the remaining trip balance will become available in the band store.

2. Fill out the Spring Trip 2024 Commitment Form - this is a way for us to reinforce the requirements around spring trip commitment and ensure parental understanding

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Band Fees

The band fees are available in the Band Store.  If you have not yet created an account and linked your student to your account, please do so ASAP.

All the instructions for paying fees in the Band Store are available on the Fee Management page, so please be sure to read them carefully.  Most notably, remember that your student's Charms ID is to be entered for BOTH the Student ID and the PIN.

If you have any issues getting setup, please let me know.  

Remember, that larger fees can be paid in multiple, partial payments.  Simply enter the amount you want to pay and add that to your store cart.


Volunteer Opportunities

Here is a list of all active volunteer opportunities.  These are also always available on the Volunteering page.


Have a great week!

Go Eagles!



AND a word from Mr. Sayre...

Hello Golden Eagle Band Community!

Great work (AGAIN) at the game on Friday!  I heard so many reports from the audience and parents that you are having a wonderful impact on the game.  Your enthusiasm for performing is noticeable.  As we prepare for the coming week the plan is to be able to play and march through the entire 3rd movement so we can add visual movements before our visit with Scott Montoya on the 29th.  

The weather might be dicey this week.  Plan on bringing rain protection (umbrellas, ponchos etc..) especially for Tuesday's evening rehearsal.  If weather is rainy the directors will let you know whether you take you instrument to the field or not.  This directive will come from the directors only.  We will be utilizing every rehearsal this week and will not cancel for weather related events and if needed we will make the call as to rehearsing inside or not.  Weather permitting we will play instruments outside but otherwise you should plan on bringing rain protection.  

A few reminders for you regarding behavior expectations at the games:

1. Stay with the band: all members need to stay with the band in the stands, during the break in the 3rd quarter, and after the game.  If you need a restroom you need to let a chaperone know and take a buddy with you.  

2. Stay seated with the band in the stands in the band section, do not let your friends/family sit with the band.  Some family and friends were seated behind the band. Those that wish to sit near can sit on either side of the band and not in front or behind the band.  

3. Absolutely no PDA when in band uniform or when representing the band.  Here is the handbook policies where you will find information on public displays of affection.  

4. If you are in pain/discomfort please communicate that to a chaperone.  They have means and ways of helping and you don't need to sit in pain. 

5. Communicate when the green water bottles need refilled.  Don't just let them sit empty. 

Here is the plan for the week. Lets get through this 3rd movement! 

Congrats to these people: 

Most Improved

Payton Park: Freshman Clarinet Player

Most Spirited

Mykayla McDonnell: Sophomore Color Guard Member

Most Helpful

Gabriel Trujillo: Sophomore Percussionist

Most Improved Section

Bass Drums!

Outstanding Section


Exemplary Member

Aubrey Bourgeois: Junior Mello Player and Section Leader

Mr. Sayre