July 11, 2023

Weekly Newsletter - July 11, 2023

I hope everyone is enduring the heat ok...  Summer is quickly passing by - band camp starts next week!

Much of this weeks newsletter is the same as last week - so if you missed it, please read through it as we have some important things coming up.  Field cleanup is this Saturday morning, we have numerous volunteer opportunities, and really need corporate sponsors soon to get those band fees lowered (we only have 1 so far).

Band Chest Coolers

We are missing some of our large white band chest coolers.  If you happen to know their whereabouts, please let me know.

Marching Practice Field Cleanup

We'll be doing cleanup on our marching practice field to get it ready for the new season.  This will be on the morning of Saturday, July 15th - 7AM - 10AM.  Many hands make light work, so bring shovels, rakes, weed eaters, bags, etc., and this will be done in no time.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

We have a number of volunteer opportunities early in the season.  They are for our annual Flea Market/March-A-Thon, uniform fitting, and our car wash fundraiser.  You can always find signup opportunities on our Volunteering page.

Uniform Fitting - During band camp, the students will be fitted for their marching uniforms.  This will happen during lunch on the week of July 24-28.  Ideally, we need some volunteers with unsupervised clearances, but we also have some jobs for those without that clearance.  This is just for an hour, and there are slots for each day of the week, so its a great way to get involved and get to know other parents and some of the kids as well.

Signup Link:

Flea Market/March-A-Thon - this is an annual event that brings in good money for the program, but it takes a small army to pull it off.  It is on Saturday, Aug 26th, and we will be hosting a flea market in our north parking lot, and need parent volunteers to man sections of the sale, provide tables/tents, offer their truck for pickup services early that morning, and cleanup at the end.  During this event, the kids will be marching through the neighborhood playing pep tunes for the community and accepting donations (the march-a-thon).  This event will also need some parents to walk alongside, taking donations, and helping guide the band.  Additionally, be sure to save your gently used items to donate as well.  Dropoff for items will be that Saturday morning starting at 6AM.  See the Flea Market and March-A-Thon pages for details.

Flea Market Signup Link:

March-A-Thon Signup Link:

Car Wash - this is a fundraiser we do every year at a nearby business.  We need volunteers to help keep the car wash line moving, cooking hot dogs, taking donations, etc.  There are additional opportunites to provide equipment, like power washers.  This event will be on Aug 19th.

Signup Link:


Our corporate sponsorship program was very successful last year, and ultimately helped lower band fees for everyone.  We are initiating this process earlier this year in hopes of building on that success, and lowering band fees even more for this year. (the more sponsorships we get over the summer, the lower your band fees will be for the year...)

The link below provides a sponsorship letter that you can print/send to local businesses you have a relationship with - doctors, dentists, orthodontists, family businesses, realtors, etc. are all great opportunities.  The letter outlines the details for them and provides a way to get a hold of me with any questions.

In addition, this year, we are going to incentivize the students to participate with a little friendly competition.  The section that brings in the most corporate sponsorship dollars will win a prize.  And don't worry smaller sections, we will determine the winners based on $ / student, so you have just as much of a chance of winning as the largest section.  Just make sure you let the sponsor know to provide your name to us so we can apply the funds to the right section.

You can start today!  And we will be taking sponsorships up until Sept. so you have all summer to work on this.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Corporate Sponsorships:

Calendar/Band Camp/Summer Percussion

The band camp schedule and the summer percussion schedule are both available on the website, as well as the Band Calendar.  If you have not yet subscribed to the band calendar, do so today so you don't miss any important dates.  I've put the band camp and summer percussion links below.  These pages will be updated with all the latest information if things change. The full year calendar is currently being loaded (lots of things to get in there....)

Band Camp:

Summer Percussion:

Open Board/Committee Positions

We've made some small headway on filling our open leadership positions, but there are still many to fill.  I've outlined a brief description of each position in the link below, but if you have any desire to help your boosters make this program the best it can be, please get a hold of me and let me know.  We will find a place that fits you and your schedule.  Don't let apprehension over schedule, knowledge of the process, or newness to the program be a hindrance to you finding a place in this program.  I assure you that you will find it to be fun and rewarding.  

One immediate need is for building up our Hydration team.  Last year this was done with only 2 individuals, but our hydration needs are growing and changing this year and we will need 5-6 more volunteers for this team to help shoulder the load of hauling water to games/competitions and also washing our water bottles after games/events/competitions.  Please get a hold of me if this is somewhere you think you may be able to help out.

Open Booster Leadership Positions:

Background Checks

There is a new process for unsupervised background checks starting this past May.  If you are planning on chaperoning at all this next year, and do not have an active unsupervised clearance, we need to get you into the system as soon as possible.  If needed, the boosters can reimburse the costs of these background checks, so please don't let the cost be a limiting factor in getting an unsupervised clearance.  There are MANY chaperoning opportunities throughout the year, and having a number of people with unsupervised clearances helps us run the program more efficiently.  If in doubt - go through the unsupervised process so you can volunteer for anything throughout the year - and don't forget to ask for reimbursement, if needed!

For the details, go to the link below.  The initiation form, costs, and APS process are all detailed there.  For any questions, contact our VP Robby Claspell at

How To Volunteer page:

Stay cool out there!  And don't forget about field cleanup this Saturday and our parent meeting July 29th!

Go Eagles!